The ELECTRONSYSTEM MD SF6 density switches are based on a multiple-bellows system which responds linearly to fluid density and which is set to pre-determined density values: "thresholds". The thresholds can be defined in terms of decreasing density or in terms of increasing density.
On reaching the pre-set threshold, an electrical switch is activated, which can:

A. activate processes or protection systems;

B. signal the location of anomalous conditions inside a system;

thus enabling monitoring and diagnostic of density of gaseous or, generally, fluid level.
Activating the action starting from a closed contact instead from an open one enables the self diagnostic of all circuits interested to the connections.
All the seals are guaranteed with very low temperature too: the gaskets are not degradable and can't be attacked from substances contained in the fluid being monitored.

Documentation of SF6 Density switches

Title Size in Kbytes Date

Density switch 318 05-11-08  View Online
Density switch 744 05-11-08  View Online
Density switch 208 11-11-11  View Online
Density controllers 381 11-06-08  View Online