Temperature compensated pressure switch with dial

This voltage detecting system supplies continuously an electrical signal for phase comparison combined with LCD
display for easy look

Moisture controllers                   
Extremely accurate and long term stable transmitter for moisture measurement in SF6 equipments.
Analog and digital dew point temperature signals available.
Chemical resistant due to patented primary element

Gas Filling Station                   
It is a compact and complete assembly that allows
1.    simple gas refilling for quick maintenance of HV equipments such as bushing, circuit breaker, tanks and so on.
2.    communication center and data log of signals coming from sensors connected to the poles.

Electronsystem MD srl  is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with Intelligent Controls (INCON), PRS division of Franklin Fueling Systems, Inc. 
Our product range will be expanded and inforced by  the  
  Performance and SF6 Density Monitor  for High-Voltage Circuit Breakers.

New version of voltage presence indicator conform to IEC 622271-206. It emits by flashing leds continuous local visible indication of voltage presence and allows simple phase comparison facility by nickel plated sockets. Easy and fast regulation by rear dip-switch to nay kind of current transformers or capacitive insulators.

Combines in a unique device mimic indicators and operation push buttons.
Internal logic, reading external position indicators, enables safe and reliable control of motors and switching apparatus.
Custom front panel indicators available
Solar urban lamp, powerd by solar cells



Thermal Detecting System is an integrated solution for continuous over-temperature monitoring of critical connections inside LV or MV switchgear. Digital transmission on DP-V0         protocol